Save the Halibut Charters

Save the Halibut Charters

Welcome to Save the Halibut Charters website. We hope to give you comprehensible information regarding your Charter Halibut Industry. We are revamping and adding more links.

We are utilizing Facebook primary and reflect all information on both pages. Make sure to check out the "Notes" section for previous important documents.

  Important Upcoming Meeting:

National Pacific Fisheries Management Council
Apr 7th - Apr 15th

Council Meeting
Anchorage Hilton

Visit NPFMC website for more information:

Please take the time to learn the hierarchy of regulators! There are a lot of "cooks in the kitchen" but in order to be effective as one voice we have to stay vigilant to understand the regulation process.

IPHC - International Pa
cific Halibut Commission - This is the main entity created to regulate halibut fisheries in Alaska via a treaty with the US & Canada in 1923. 3 members of the 6 member coucil are appointed by the President of the United States of Amercia.

NOAA - National Oceanic Atmospheric & Administration -
US organization to oversee US waters and all activities regarding it's regulation.

NMFS- National Marine Fisheries Service
- AK Regional Office
Department of NOAA that deals specifically with US fisheries. Manages issuance of Charter Halibut Permit (CHP) and maintains information regarding the new Catch Share Plan (CSP) and Guided Angler Fish (GAF).

National Pacific Fisheries Management Council
Main governing agency that Federally remits recommendations from IPHC to the Secretary of Commerce.

Charter Management Implementation Committee
A cooperative board of ch
arter captains that make recommendations to NPFMC.

Halibut Charter Stakeholder Committee: (NPFMC)
Cooperative group of charter captains that assist creating management plans to ensure halibut charter fisheries future.

State of Alaska Department of Fish & Game:
State agency that provides implement International and Federal fisheries requirements as well as Guide licenses & permits for Halibut Charters. Logbook information and Statewide Harvest survey information is submitted to IPHC & NPFMC for scientific support and fisheries reports. 

We strive to keep the most up to date information of the Facebook page but please feel free to join as a member and post upcoming meetings!